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Multi Layer PE 7000

Only one work process: Our Bellaform PE 7000 produces polymer pencils in only one work process. This eliminates up to 30 steps that were necessary for the production of wood pencils and replaces that with a single, continuous production process.

Diversity in form, color and design: Our patented process creates the widest variety of combinations in forms and colours. There are no limits to your fantasies.

120 pencils per minute: Our lines work with a high production speed and generate a high output as a result. The PE7000 produces at a speed of 20 m/min, which corresponds to approx. 120 pencils (with a length of 168mm) per minute!

Firm and unbreakable: Our specially developed production process guarantees outstanding adhesion between pencil, lead and exterior coating. Furthermore, polymer pencils are much more durable and less likely to break than their wooden predecessors.

Type PE7000



Max. extrusions speed



u/min120 (with a product length of 168 mm)


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